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The Tree Wars

Theodora Goes Wild

We put up two trees this year, one for me, the 'tasteful' one, and one for my husband and children. I loved making lots of crochet snowflakes for it.

I was convinced mine would rule, but I'll let you decide.

Playing with different settings on my camera, but the tripod would have helped!

This is the white tree, with my crochet snowflakes, some Swarovski crystal ornaments and white baubles. It does look a bit bare still, but I am sick of making snowflakes now, so 20 odd will have to do. (I've also started a new project, and I'm in the process of putting out new designs, so I'm glad I started them early)!

And here is the other tree, with it's twinkly lights, giving different light effects. You can see my wool cupboard behind it. I can just about get to the wool.

Here the tree decorators are hard at work, barking orders at dad for more baubles.

They had such a great time dressing the tree and were so proud of it when they'd finished. My husband saw some reindeer lights, and couldn't resist.

I have to accept defeat graciously - their tree is the winner. It is a real one too, so the smell alone is enough for me - it's the smell of Christmas.