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First Day

Theodora Goes Wild

It was the first day of school this week for my boy, but also the first day for me of life without him during the day. He looks a bit sad here, but that's because someone is taking his photo, which he hates. He soon cheered up when he got into the playground.

I made an effort to look nice that day, it gave me a great opportunity to wear some of the goodies I picked up on my travels with Susan.

She is selling off lots of the pieces from Vol 1 of A Stitch In Time, as so many of them are now being re-knitted in either Excellana or Fenella, and she just doesn't have space for them. I was lucky to get first dibs on them. I chose the Blackberry Cardigan. I loved wearing it for the book, and had such fun playing the 'haughty' lady. It has been in my queue for ages, and now I don't have to knit it! Woo hoo!

                                                                                                                      Image Susan Crawford

Image courtesy of Susan Crawford

I also nabbed the Shell Pattern Cap, which I just had to have as I crocheted it for the book. It was one of the first things I crocheted actually. I'm glad Susan trusted me to do it, as it turned out really well, and still fits beautifully. I've decided I need more grey in my wardrobe.               

 Image Susan Crawford

I did want to buy the Pinafore Jumper too, but it was just too short, no matter how many times I tried to pull it down. I would need at least one more pattern repeat on the body to wear it. Back in the queue! I also really wanted So Completely Feminine, as I knitted it for the book, and have great memories of doing it. But again, it was a bit short on my long old bod, so I left it for someone else. Sigh...

I picked up a few more pieces too, which I will share in my next post about Monkley Ghyll.

An anxious boy, and I'm trying to make up for it by smiling too much. At least I'm wearing sensible knitwear.