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Ants in my pants

Theodora Goes Wild

I've been really restless recently with my knitting and crochet, I just can't seem to settle on one thing. I keep starting things then get distracted by something, a new pattern from a mag, or some wool that catches my eye, but usually by a child demanding that I be the mummy dinosaur. And the holidays haven't even started yet.

I've just finished my crochet course at City Lit, so I've been practicing the techniques I've learnt, which took up most of my evenings. I haven't picked up my knitting, (Starring Stripes) in weeks, which is most unusual for me. The last time I didn't knit almost every day was after I had my son. It was exactly one month later, and I had to force myself to do just one row. That's post-natal depression for you! I know now why sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture.

Here are a few samples from the course.
Just a few floral motifs and a leaf worked from a chart. No looking at written instructions for me! I now just have to practice all the different techniques I've learnt to keep them in my brain. I loved broomstick crochet, which is very delicate, and tapestry crochet.
I really want to give this a go, with different colours and diamonds in single shades.

It's been a great course. I am so much more confident now at attempting a whole garment, well, more confident. Amongst other things we were taught how to work filet crochet, which seems quite straightforward, but can look very effective. On this chic model below for instance.
I'm trying to work out how long the jumper would take to make, hoping it might be quicker than knitting. Probably not as I am much slower at crochet and am bound to get into a muddle with it at some point along the way. I quite fancy the skirt too, but I've set my heart on a knitted one, and have been searching for the 'perfect' pattern. I don't know whether I want a 30s tweedy affair, or a plain stocking stitch 'swing' skirt, knitted in the round. Hmm. My colour choice is quite limited too, as it will have to go with so many different coloured jumpers. Brown or grey, boring, but ever so practical!

We also had a birthday in June, my little girl turned two.
Here she is with her brother who is 'helping' her open her presents.

This is the last week of term, the summer holidays are almost upon us, and I'm looking forward to them. No mad rush to get breakfast down them, and run to nursery. Nice relaxing mornings, crocheting in the garden while they play. In reality I'll probably be tearing my hair out by Tuesday, with not a minute spare to knit. Hey ho. Trips to Rainham Marshes will be fun. I love it there.