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First Fashion Post

Theodora Burrow

My name is Theodora, and I like clothes. Here I am rocking the 70s maxi dress in the 1970s. I'm a trailblazer in style - and sarcasm. 

I am starting this primarily as a way to deal with grief. I lost my mum earlier this year and, instead of worrying about what I should be doing with the rest of my life without her in it, I have decided to live almost entirely for pleasure. Of course, that isn't strictly true, but I have given myself some time to do things that make me feel good. In my case that was getting knee deep in old clothes from my local charity shops, or rummaging in the loft for all the outfits I'd stored away at various stages of my life. I am now 44, so there have been a lot of clothes over the years, none of which I have ever been able to part with.

My clothes remind of all the wonderful times in my life, which I need right now. They seem to possess magical properties, the ability to transport me back to Camden’s Underworld, my Prom Night club from 2004, or that Hole gig in 1995. 

I take fashion very seriously, although I certainly don’t dress very seriously. Really, who can, when a staple of your wardrobe is bright red 1980's slouch boots? Getting dressed is my way of expressing all the many facets of my personality. Clothes for me are a link to the past, like smelling an old perfume gives you that jolt of recollection. But not just my past. What is the story behind that 1970s suede jacket, and where did it go, and with whom? Most importantly though, it gives me the opportunity to be anyone I can imagine, on any given day. Inevitably, it's a musical icon, (Madonna) or a character (or extra) from some 1980's movie or TV show. (I'm dressing Jane Fonda in 9 to 5 right now).

I set myself a challenge a few weeks ago, which was to see what looks I could put together with only clothes found in charity shops / thrift stores, or stuff I’d already owned. There was just one rule: Nothing new. It's been a much easier task than I’d anticipated. I stripped my existing wardrobe down to the bare bones, and chucked (donated to charity) a sack full of dull clothes. Several trips to the dry cleaners later and I had a wardrobe full (still bursting), but with clothes that actually worked together.

I hadn't been 'thrift' shopping for ages (well, since summer in the States), but not properly, anyway. Not like a pro, where you look at absolutely everything. But the most exciting thing about it was the adrenaline rush it gave me. How could I have forgotten the thrill of the hunt? What would I find? What character could I create from today’s haul?  

I was having fun again, and I’d only just started. I couldn’t wait to start putting these gems together…

Stay tuned for more adventures. If you want to keep up with my outfits daily, you'll find me on Instagram.

If anyone else feels like this, I hope my adventures make you smile. Or laugh. 

E17 Designers Autumn Market

Theodora Goes Wild

I missed a blog post last week due to my frenzied making of things to sell at the E17 Designers Autumn Market this Sunday. I have been putting the finishing touches to the brooches and hats I'll be trying to sell there.

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